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 CNC Machining of Gray Cast Iron Flywheel for Small Engines Industry     

     This machining cell consists of multiple CNC Lathes which not only complete the needed turning operations, but also have the capability using Y-Axis, Live Tooling (Turn/Mill) to complete multiple spot, drill, and tap operations with great efficiency.  Additional operations within the cell include light assembly, key cutting (broaching), and date code engraving.  There are also multiple dedicated inspections to verify the upmost quality of product coming off the line for a part that requires precision machining with tolerances as tight as +/- .0015.


Product Description Gray Cast Iron Flywheel for the Small Engines Applications
Capabilities Applied/Processes


CNC Turning w/ Y-Axis Live Tooling (Spot, Drill. Tap)

Light Assembly to Specified Torque Settings

CNC Turning

Key Cutting (Broaching)

Date Code Engraving



Custom Gaging for inspection of critical dimensopn         

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

CMM Inspection         

Overall Part Dimensions

Diameter: 8.917"

Thickness: 1.886"

Weight: 19.7 lbs

Tightest Tolerances

± .023mm


True Position of Ø.3mm

Profile of 0.8mm

Surface Finish of 16RZ           

Material Used Gray Cast Iron
In process testing/inspection performed

Gage Pins               


Thread Gages               

Bore Gages


    Dedicated/ Specialized Gaging for Perpendicularity and Runout
Estimated Part Weight 10.3kg
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Flywheel

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