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Established in 1973, Chapter 2 Incorporated is a contract manufacturer dedicated to offering top-of-the-line services to a wide range of industries, including:

By partnering with us for their contract manufacturing needs, our customers benefit from our:

  • Superior services
  • Extensive engineering experience
  • Broad in-house manufacturing capabilities

Altogether, these qualities allow us to guide customers seamlessly through the manufacturing process and deliver high-quality products on-time and within their budget.

Our Custom Manufacturing Capabilities for Industrial Applications

We offer a broad scope of services for applications in industries ranging from agriculture and automotive to lawn and garden and food service. Whatever their industry, we have the tools and skills necessary to provide customers with cost-effective, custom-tailored products in a timely manner.

Our service offerings include:

CNC Machining, Turning, and Milling

CNC machining is one of our core specializations. Combined with our other custom manufacturing capabilities, the process enables us to take every project from initial design to delivery of a finished product.

Our newly designed manufacturing is fully equipped with a variety of CNC machining equipment, including turning lathes, live tooling turning lathes, horizontal and vertical machining centers, broach equipment, robotic machines, and more. This collection of equipment allows us to provide a variety of machining services—including turning, milling, and drilling—for a wide range of materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastics

Regardless of whether a customer needs medical device machining or automotive machining services and prototype or large-scale production capabilities, we can meet their needs. As a turnkey service provider, we aim to deliver high-quality end-to-end product solutions.

Welding and Assembly

To ensure customers receive a complete solution, we offer welding and assembly services for an assortment of products and assemblies. From storefronts to racking systems and frames to carts, our experts employ a variety of techniques—including welding, torching, plasma cutting, and water jet cutting—to manufacture fully assembled products for a wide range of industries.


In our 14,000 square foot painting facility, we use a Graco ProMix 2KE plural component finisher integrated with SATA paint pressure pots to ensure flawless paint application. Depending on the specifications of the aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or plastic component, we perform the following operations:

  • Pre-finishing
  • Priming
  • Coating (including topcoat, urethane, enamel, CARC, or waterborne coatings)
  • Air drying
  • Baking

Work Holding and Custom Machine Build

Having opened our doors as a tool and die shop in 1973, we have spent the last four decades creating dies, fixtures, jigs, molds, and machine tools for the manufacturing industry. With the advent of CAD/CAM technology, we have further improved our process to create superior tools with the finest precision. These products find application throughout industry as critical components, such as manufacturing dies, gauges, fixtures, and PLC and automated equipment.

Industries Served

As a full-service manufacturer, we provide services to companies with manufacturing operations or maintenance needs across a diverse set of industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Food packaging
  • Lawn and garden
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Renewable energy

Examples of Our Projects

Throughout the years, we’ve successfully completed a myriad of industrial projects. The following case studies highlight some of our best work:

CNC Machining and Assembly of a Gearbox for the Lawn and Garden Industry

Based Gearbox assembly in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, the customer contacted us looking for a gearbox for their sod cutter. Using their specifications and 2D CAD drawings, we created a customized manufacturing plan to fulfill their request. With this strategy for lawn and garden equipment production in hand, we:

  1. Created custom components and the gear case casting using CNC turning and machining centers
  2. Urethane molded rubber tires for the assembly using our custom molding equipment
  3. Purchased components and hardware we could not produce in-house
  4. Manually assembled the gearbox
  5. Wet spray painted the assembled gearbox at our custom painting facilities

Wet Spray Paint Application for Exterior Store Features

An Spray paint for fast food exterior fixtureinternational franchise came to us with a large-scale repainting job. The building in question had several large fiberglass arches and canopies on their façade in need of wet spray paint application.

Due to the size of the pieces, we made custom racks and handling equipment to transport them to our painting facilities. We used a Graco ProMix 2KE paint mixer to catalyze and mix the paint and used cross draft spray booths to prime and paint the parts to the customer’s specifications. After drying the finished arches in our controlled facilities, we conducted a thorough inspection to ensure the finish was up to standards and transported the pieces safely back to their original location.

Custom Fabrication of a Storefront for a Client in the Fast Food Industry

This Fast food storefront fabricationproject called for us to fabricate the storefront of a national fast food franchise. By working closely with the customer and leveraging our broad engineering experience, we cut and assembled the steel structural frame and aluminum trim to the brand’s detailed guidelines and specifications. Using a combination of bending, forming, and welding techniques, our team constructed the façade piece by piece. Once assembled, we wet painted the panels at our custom painting facility and performed pre-assembly work on the remaining fiberglass promotional panels before assisting in on-site installation.

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At Chapter 2 Incorporated, we guarantee the highest quality contract manufacturing services in the industry. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to complete projects from beginning to end within the approved timeline and budget.

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