Workholding Solutions and Tool & Die Services

In many cases when producing high-quality or high-tech components it requires precision made tools and workholding solutions. Workholding is a device used to hold a workpiece in a position as it goes through its manufacturing process. For almost 50 years Chapter 2 has specialized in the design and build of custom workholding devices along with other tool and die and custom machine build services. From simple manual jigs and fixtures to more complex electric, hydraulic and PLC based clamping systems Chapter 2 can handle all your needs.


Workholding Solutions

Chapter 2 has over four decades of experience in dies, fixtures, jigs, molds, and machine tools. We offer a wide array of workholding solutions for all your milling and manufacturing needs. We produce an expansive range of complex manufacturing solutions, including dies, inspection gauges, fixtures, PLC and automated equipment, and more. 

We provide workholding solutions for a diverse range of manufacturing processes. Our customized workholding solutions address any workholding challenges to facilitate maximum efficiency and precision in production operations.

Our custom workholding solutions include: 

  • Checking fixtures                   
  • Machining fixtures
  • Leak test fixtures                      
  • Welding fixtures
  • Broaching fixtures                     
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Pressing fixtures                      
  • Inspection gauges/fixtures
  • Manual/pneumatic/hydraulic fixtures

Chapter 2 has a long history of addressing workholding challenges for our customers. With our collaborative design processes and experienced Journeymen, we have the knowledge and technology to develop the workholding solutions you need. Working together, we can create the perfect solution for any industry. 


Tool and Die Capabilities

Our capabilities allow us to be your one-stop source for fixtures, tooling, and dies. With our precision in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities, every solution is designed to your exacting standards. We specialize in developing tools and dies for complex machining operations. We have produced an expansive range of successful custom dies, including:

  • Cutting dies
  • Trim dies
  • Shearing dies
  • Broaching dies
  • Forming dies
  • Bending dies
  • Simple dies
  • Compound dies
  • Combination dies
  • Progressive dies
  • Transfer dies
  • Multiple dies


Custom Machine Builds

Chapter 2 Incorporated often builds customized machines tailored specifically to the needs of an application, helping our customers to address unique challenges within their operations. 

Our custom machine-building capabilities include:

  • Drilling machines
  • Press machines
  • Cutting machines
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Forming machines
  • PLC systems
  • Broach machines
  • HMI systems
  • Workholding solutions


Engineering- Design & Build

At Chapter 2 Incorporated, our skilled engineers and staff offer support from conception through production. We incorporate our expertise to help you improve the manufacturability of your designs and eliminate any potential flaws before going into prototyping. 

Our design capabilities include:

  • 2D AutoCAD
  • 3D SolidWorks modeling
  • Design and build
  • Design for manufacture
  • Redesign
  • Reverse engineering
  • Project management


Our Workholding Capabilities

At Chapter 2 Incorporated, our state-of-the-art workholding solutions enable us to fulfill custom contracts in diverse industries. We have provided a variety of tooling, dies, workholding solutions, and more for use in applications such as:

  • Medical equipment
  • Food packaging
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Lawn and garden
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy

We have a full-service CNC machine shop and full-service weld and fabrication shop at our disposal, ensuring that we can handle orders of any complexity. Our manual mills also enable us to conduct small-volume, highly customized tool and die work for more intricate components, while our manual lathes allow precise manual control for turning cylindrical or uniquely shaped parts. We also possess manual grinders to handle any finishing requirements. 


Workholding Solutions From Chapter 2 Incorporated

At Chapter 2 Incorporated, we are there every step of the way to ensure your tooling needs are met. We have 45 years of experience in machining complex solutions that solve complicated challenges. 

Our full-service machine shop is ISO 9001:2015-certified for quality management and ISO 13485-certified for medical device manufacturing, demonstrating our commitment to quality and excellence in all that we do. To this end, we’ve also set aside space within our facility for an in-house quality lab that includes a Zeiss Contura G2 coordinate measuring machine, enabling us to further verify the accuracy of our machining operations.

For more information about our services or capabilities, please request a quote today.

Work Holding & Automation Highlights

General Capabilities CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)
Tool History Documentation
Technical Support
Die Types Cutting Dies
Trim Dies
Shearing Dies
Broaching Dies
Forming Dies
Bending Dies
Simple Dies
Compound Dies
Combination Dies
Progressive Dies
Transfer Dies
Multiple Dies
Tooling Types Work Holding Fixtures
Machining Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Assembly Fixtures
Inspection Gauges/Fixtures
Checking Fixtures
Leak Test Fixtures
Broaching Fixtures
Pressing Fixtures
Manual / Pnuematic / Hydraulic Fixtures
Custom Machine Build Drilling Machines
Cutting Machines
Forming Machines
Broach Machines
Press Machines
Hydraulic Systems
PLC Systems
HMI Systems
Engineering/Design 2D AutoCad
3D Solid Works Modeling
Design and Build
Design for Manufacture
Reverse Engineering
Project Management
Equipment Tool Room Manual Mills
(5) South West Industries Trak K3SX
(2) Bridgeport 12×30 manual mill with DRO
(1) TRAK 15×30Tool Room Manual Grinders
Acer AGS-618 Surface Grinder
Harig Super 612 Grinder
Tool Room Manual Lathes
(1) South West Industries Trak TRL 1630 SX
(1) Turret America Variturn Series 16×60
(1) Clausing 1501Full Service CNC Machine Shop
Full Service Weld and Fabrication Shop
Materials Aluminum
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Part Weight 1,100 lbs
Tolerance (+/-) .0002
Quality Full service Quality Lab
Tolerances within .0001
DFMEA and FMEA (If Required)
Product Inspection and Validation Processes
Value Added Services Product Component Assemblies
Reverse Engineering
Tool and Die Services
Parts Washing
Custom Packagin
Inventory Control Kanban
Bar Coding
Production Volume Prototype to Low Volume
Lead Times Available 3 to 4 weeks
Rush Services Available