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Custom Fabrication of Store Front for the Fast Food Industry

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Custom Fabrication of Store Front for the Fast Food Industry
Custom Fabrication of Store Front for the Fast Food Industry

Chapter 2 Incorporated is a one stop shop, working directly with clients to engineer any project imaginable. Our engineering team worked closely with our client to meet our customer's specific branding requirements and guidelines. Because of our wide range of capabilities, we were able to work with conceptual drawings to engineer and manufacture this nationally recognized fast food chain store front. Built with a steel structural frame and aluminum trim, the individual components of this store front were cut and assembled in our climate controlled facilities. Overall dimensions for the front are 20' x 18' and sides are 20' x 20' x 8". We also assisted with any on-site installation needed. Our team created the structure by using an oxy-acetylene torch to cut both the structural steel and aluminum trim. Our welders employed both TIG and MIG welding to combine the pieces, as well as any bending and forming necessary. We then wet painted the panels in our painting facility and provided pre-assembly work for the fiberglass promotional panels. Project lead time: 2-3 Weeks.

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Project Highlights for Custom Fabrication of Store Front

Product Description We manufactured this store front for use on the exterior of a fast food restaurant.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Technical Support provided by Chapter 2 Per marketing Conceptual Drawing Within Customers Guidelines
MIG Welding
TIG Welding
Onsite installation support if required
Wet Paint 240" panels
Preassembly of fiberglass panels
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 20'-0"
Width: 18'-0"
Height: 20' 0"
Width: 8"0" & 20'-0"
Tightest Tolerances .06"
Material Used Steel-Structural
Industry for Use Fast Food Restaurant
Turn Around Time 15 to 20 Days
Delivery Location National
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Store Front

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