CNC Machining Services

CNC machining lies at the core of our company. At Chapter 2 Incorporated, we pride ourselves on our ability to contract manufacture and CNC machine any product from concept through completion, delivering 100% quality finished products on time, every time. We fulfill this commitment to our customers through a strict dedication to Lean manufacturing and 5S planning. We carry out these processes in our climate-controlled facility using an impressive spread of automated tooling machinery.

As an experienced provider of turnkey solutions for machined components, we are always willing to take on new challenges. Whatever your product or industry, Chapter 2 Incorporated has the expertise, equipment, and commitment necessary to satisfy your toughest requirements.

CNC Machining Equipment

Our facility is fully stocked with high-end CNC machinery capable of producing precisely machined components in a fraction of the time compared to manual machining. Our full range of equipment includes:

  • Turning lathes
  • Live tooling turning lathes
  • Horizontal machining centers
  • Vertical machining centers
  • Robotic machining centers
  • Custom machining equipment
  • Broach equipment

Within each of these categories, we’ve taken care to select only reputable, high-performance machines to maintain our reputation for quality above all else. Our equipment portfolio allows us to offer comprehensive machining services that include milling, drilling, boring, burnishing, contour turning, and thread milling.

CNC Horizontal Mills

All mills use rotary cutting to remove material from a workpiece, but CNC mills combine this with advanced computer controls to allow for rapid and accurate production. Even among CNC machinery, horizontal milling centers—which are characterized by their spindle’s orientation parallel to the ground—are known for providing some of the fastest milling procedures possible. 

Our high-end horizontal CNC mills quickly and accurately shape the workpiece to tight tolerances, with our lineup including:

  • (5) Doosan HP5100-31iA
  • (4) Doosan NHP 5000s
  • (4) Kiwa KH-45

CNC Vertical Mills

Vertical CNC mills feature spindles that are perpendicular to the ground, making them ideal for jobs requiring large production runs of moderately complex components. Although horizontal mills are better for more intricate milling projects, vertical mills are capable workhorses for a wide variety of designs. 

We rely on HAAS’s trusted line of equipment for projects requiring vertical milling, including:

  • HAAS VF5
  • HAAS VF3
  • HAAS VF2
  • HAAS VF0

CNC Horizontal Lathes

In contrast to mills, which rely on rotation of the cutting tool, lathes instead rotate the workpiece as material is removed. Compared to manual lathes, which require a degree of expertise to operate, CNC lathes drastically reduce the amount of labor and the probability of human error. These benefits translate into decreases in cost and defect rates. 

Our CNC lathes allow us to achieve rapid turnarounds on high-volume production runs without sacrificing quality. Our lathe equipment includes:

  • Kia Hi Center H50II
  • (2) Doosan Puma GT2100
  • (2) Doosan GT2600
  • (3) Doosan PUMA2600Y
  • Doosan PUMA 2600YSB (Sub Spindle)
  • Doosan Lynx 300m
  • Doosan 300m Live Tooling Lathe
  • HWACHEON Cutex 240
  • HWACHEON Hi-Tech 200C
  • HWACHEON Hi-Tech 240
  • YCM 250 MA
  • YCM 300 GT 300 MA
  • HAAS SL – 20
  • Hyundai HIT – 18s

Other Cutting-Edge Machinery

At Chapter 2, we continuously invest in the latest CNC technology to give us access to the most advanced machining techniques. Our in-house equipment list includes robotic water jet technology for precision cutting, in-house fixturing equipment, and a Marvel PA360EPC Auto Bandsaw equipped with automatic feeding capabilities to quickly process high-volume cutting jobs.

CNC Machined Materials

Our customers can be confident in our ability to expertly handle any common manufacturing material. Inquiries about specific varieties or materials not listed are always welcome, but here is a list of materials we commonly use in our CNC machining processes:

  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Sintered metal
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic

CNC Prototyping

CNC machining is recognized as an efficient and cost-effective means of generating exact prototypes. Chapter 2 can help our customers create precise, affordable prototypes. Our turnkey services are designed to facilitate every stage of production, from design through final production. 

Our team’s expertise includes:

  • CAD modeling (2D or 3D)
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Technical support
  • 3D printing

Portfolio of CNC Machining Services

Our CNC portfolio exemplifies our thorough turnkey approach to a successful gearbox project. In this collaboration, we worked from customer-provided 2D CAD drawings to craft the final product, employing CNC turning and milling to produce the internal components and gear case casting. We also molded tires for the equipment in house and sourced other components from reputable suppliers.

As part of our commitment to reliable results, we performed rigorous testing on the components and the assembled machine and verified that the tolerances were acceptable. The tightest tolerances achieved were found to be within +0.000″/-0.001″, ±1ᵒ, and concentric within 0.002″ TIR. After painting and finishing services, we also subjected the rig to intensive functionality testing with repetitive cycling adjustment verification.

We exhibit this project because it illustrates our full range of CNC and secondary services, all of which were completely personalized to meet the client’s unique needs. We would also be happy to discuss other successful projects that align with your industry when you request information.

CNC Machining vs. Manual Machining

Although manual machining is still common in certain use cases, CNC machining offers a far superior result for most applications. Benefits include:

  • Speed. CNC machines work far faster than a human operator. Additional time savings come from features like automatic feeding and the ability to operate multiple machines at once. 
  • Accuracy. The precisely calibrated control features of a CNC machine allow for consistent production with very little probability of error. 
  • Cost. Due in part to reductions in skilled labor, CNC is increasingly affordable compared to manual options. Reductions in defective products also translate into indirect savings.

Value-Added Services

When we call ourselves a full-service provider, we mean it. As part of this promise, we take pains to source all components that we can’t produce in-house and provide whatever secondary services are requested. Our facility supports secondary services that include:

  • Painting. We have the equipment necessary to pre-finish, prime, coat, air dry, and bake products using a variety of paint types and finishes. 
  • Work holding and automation. Our schedules and work processes leverage best practices and automation to achieve the fastest possible turnaround for every project.
  • Welding, cutting, and assembly: When requested, we can finish any project with comprehensive welding and assembly. Our advanced robotic waterjet technology can also provide highly precise cuts.

CNC Machining

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