Workholding Solutions and Tool & Die Services

One Stop Source for Tool and Die Needs

Tool and die making involves manufacturing plastic molds, jigs, stamping dies, and fixtures. Without these components, production manufacturing at the rate of the modern age would not exist. At Chapter 2, we specialize in developing tools and dies for machining operations across numerous industries, including medical, food production, and auto manufacturing, to name just a few. 

Are you wondering if can produce the dies you need? Here is a sampling of what we have to offer industrial and manufacturing clients: 

  • Cutting dies                 
  • Trim dies
  • Forming dies                      
  • Bending dies
  • Shearing dies                    
  • Broaching dies
  • Simple dies                    
  • Combination dies
  • Progressive dies
  • Compound dies
  • Transfer dies

We Also Design and Build New Tooling

Our breadth of service, experienced team members, and willingness to work with customers to achieve necessary results set us apart from our competitors. Custom order dies for your manufacturing facility for small or large production runs. You can count on our creative designers to deliver fine-quality tools and dies.
Our elements of success include:

  • Focused customer service
  • Efficient, cost-effective tools and dies
  • Attention to detail for every customer on every job
  • Talented designers and engineers who think outside the box

Communication and collaboration form the backbone of our interaction with clients. Partnering with us on your tool and die projects helps ensure that you get your fixture or die, well before your first production run.

What Is The Difference Between Tools and Dies?

Because people use these terms together, it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Machinists use them interchangeably. However, dies are just one type of tool, meaning that not all tools are dies.

Here’s an example. If you run metal stamping processes, a tool includes everything that supports, cuts, stamps, and molds metal. Fixtures and jigs are different types of tools. Dies include tools that shape metal.

Dies cut and shape metal into a distinct profile for specific use. Although they are similar to molds, dies serve a different function in the manufacturing process. Tools made with dyes include everything from paper clips to airplanes.


Chapter 2 Is a Knowledgeable Partner

Chapter 2 handles everything from design to manufacturing to testing. Partner with us for modern equipment, dedicated testing labs, and experience in numerous industries, including medical and military applications.

Ensure durability and consistent quality with tools and dies produced by one of the top companies in the business. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years, and we will continue serving our customers over the coming decades.

The right tools and dies can improve your throughput and accuracy when you team up with the right company for the job. Feel free to request a quote today or call us at 920-648-8125 with any questions you may have. Click here to read a case study.