With our strong commitment to machining excellence, Chapter 2 Incorporated is a well-respected provider of CNC milling services to industries that expect an elevated level of quality. Through continuous investment in leading-edge equipment and a trained workforce that uses it at its maximum potential, we supply high quality, competitively priced products that meet or surpass customer expectations. As one of our core competencies, our CNC milling capabilities allow us to serve our clients as a contract manufacturer for component parts and they also play an important role in our turnkey product management services.

Inside of our modern, climate-controlled facility, you will find an impressive array of automated multi-axis milling equipment. The ability to provide up to six-axis allows us to design cost savings right into the process. We can form multiple features of varying complexity from a single set-up, and our high-tech machines orient the tool and part surface at the precisely correct angles to maintain exceptionally close tolerance accuracy. Productivity-enhancing technologies, such as live tooling, pallet fixturing, and robotics allow us to further accelerate throughput and achieve remarkably high repeatability rates.

From aluminum to zinc, we have extensive experience machining metals in a wide variety of grades and tempers. We are equally proficient machining parts from an expanded range of both commodity and engineering plastics. Inside a work envelope measuring 50.0” in length x 26.0” in width x 25” in height, we can mill parts weighing up to 1,100 lbs. With this dynamic and flexible milling capacity, we can accommodate an especially diverse range of products.

As a turnkey solutions provider, we are positioned to supply you with more than just a precisely milled part. We can deliver a total end-to-end solution, from concept development and CAD design to manufacturing, finishing, assembly, and packaging. If you have the physical part but no drawing, we can reverse engineer it for you.

We have an extensive inventory of test and measuring equipment, and all of our production and inspection processes are managed through our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. To learn more about our CNC milling capabilities, please review the table below. Contact us at any time for additional information or a quote.

Download our guide on designing a cost-effective cnc machined part