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Recent News at Chapter 2 Incorporated

Chapter 2 Incorporated is continually improving its facilities, processes, equipment, quality systems and personnel. Check up on the latest news about Chapter 2 here.

  • New Equipment Update (12/21/2017)
As many of our followers may have noticed, Chapter 2 has been announcing a lot of new machines in the past few months. This week was no exception as we added a new Doosan NHP 5000 Horizontal Machining Center. Maybe some have you have questioned where we have been putting all of this new equipment? Here is a comparison from when we first starting operating in the newest addition in 2014 compared to current day. This space not only houses our newest equipment, it is also the hub for Chapter 2’s precision machining operations. Don’t let the picture fool you, there is still plenty of square footage in this space left for new opportunities. Chapter 2’s growth has no bounds, stay tuned for what the future may hold!





  • New Equipmenet Update (11/27/17)
    Chapter 2 has purchased another CNC Turning Center to continue to support growing customer needs. The new machining center consists of a Doosan PUMA GT2600 & Doosan PUMA 2600SYBII.

    Consider Chapter 2 for all your machining, automation, work holding solutions and painting needs.


  • New Equipment Update (10/16/2017)
    Chapter 2 has once again added to its machining capacity with the purchase of a new Doosan NHP 5000 series horizontal machining center. Loaded with 500mm pallets, a chip blaster high pressure coolant system and industry leading spindle, chip to chip and indexing speeds this machine is a great addition to Chapter 2’s already extensive machining capability

  • New Equipment Update (6/15/2017)
Chapter 2, Inc. added new machinery once again! In mid June a brand new Doosan HP5100II horizontal mill was delivered. This machine was placed in our production department and got put to work right away!



    • New Personnel Update (6/1/2017)
    Chapter 2 would like to congratulate Abby Johnson on the completion of the Youth Apprenticeship Program through Lake Mills High School. Abby has worked at Chapter 2 part time through the school and has done a great job. She will continue working through the summer, until she starts college at UW-Madison. We wish her nothing but the best! This is the 3rd year Chapter 2 has participated in the Youth Apprenticeship Program, bringing students in to work part time in the office helping with administrative duties. It has been an honor to see the students grown and gain experience throughout the year. Good luck to Abby on her future! 
  • New Facilities Update (4/19/2017)
More walls are going up inside Chapter 2, this time in the Tool Room! The new office was built to accommodate Tool Room management and CAD drawing/design space. As you can see from the pictures below, everyone will have more room to stretch their legs out in the new office! The old office will be removed and added to our assembly area for more bench space. This is another example of how Chapter 2 is continually improving their facilities.


    • New Equipment Update (1/15/2017)
Chapter 2 has added Urethane, including a Urethane Room within their production area.  The urethane room ensures that the temperature of the urethane stays maintained for effective use.  




    • New Certification ( December 6, 2016)
Chapter 2, Inc. is proud to annouce the completion of all stages in their ISO Audit. The company is now ISO 13485:2003 certified in conjunction with their ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Chapter 2 is now certified to manufacture machined and assembled components of medical devices. 


    • Upcoming Internal Update (10/1/2016)
Chapter 2 has chosen to upgrade to Global Shop Solutions for their new ERP system. As business grows, so do our internal needs. Updating Business Process Management Software will allow our business to integrate many applications and automate business functions related to operations, technology, finance, and human resources. Global Shop is known for their robust production and inventory modules which will help bring Chapter 2’s order management capabilities to the next level when servicing and communicating with both customers and suppliers. Not only do management and executives get to be hands on with the program, but also floor level employees. There has been many months of rigorous training to ensure a smooth transition when we "go live" October 1st, 2016. 


  • New Equipment Update 

    Chapter 2 is getting automated! 

    Chapter 2 has automated their spindle machining process, which is used for products in the lawn and garden industry. This new process was implemented for our lean and continuous improvement efforts throughout all operations. The automation of machining spindles allows for operators to leave the machine unattended and in return can multi-task on other projects. An LNS Quick Load Servo Bar Feeder was purchased and implemented with a Hwacheon Hi Tech 450B lathe with sub spindle and live tool capability.


  • New Facilitites Update (7/25/2016)

    With the addition of the 18,000 sq ft building, something needed to be done to ensure quality inspections could be complete in an accurate and efficient manner. Building a new quality lab was the solution! Pictured to the right is the new home of our Zeiss Contura Automatic CMM w/ Calypso Software and our Romer Stinger Portable Arm CMM with PC DMIS software


  • New Personnel Update (7/1/2016)
CAM programming is another way Chapter 2 has improved on their processes by being able to eliminate errors that are prone to the manual programming process. Along with reduced errors, the CAM software also increases efficiency, ensures high quality, decreases lead time, and lowers costs. 


Congratulations to our Setup Technicians on the completion of their SURFCAM training through Programming Plus. They have now been certified to add "Programmer" at the end of their job title. Pictured left to right: Aaron Francisco, Scott Bylczynski, Jamie Stevenson, and Andrew MacNaughton



  • Chapter 2 Donation (6/4/2016)
Chapter 2's Paint Team Leader, Kevin Mansfield, painted this ordinary dresser and turned it into a pretty unique looking firetruck dresser. Chapter 2 decided to donate the dresser to the Junior Fisheree, which is an event held in Lake Mills, WI that is sponsored by the Lake Mills Optimist Club. At the event raffle tickets were purchsed for $5 and a chance to win the dresser. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Lake Mills Optimist Club and The Lake Mills Fire Department. This is another great example proving Chapter 2 is more than just your average manufacturer.


Below is a picture of Kevin with the dresser he painted (left) and Nathan who won the dresser during the Junior Fisheree (right). Seeing the excitement Nathan had on his face after his name was announced makes everything worth it




  • New Process Update (2/15/2016) 
Warehouse 5S Project

With the mindset of becoming more efficient in day to day processes, and having the lean principle, Chapter 2 recently finished their 5S warehouse project. 5S is a method used to help organize workplaces and as a result promote efficiency and productivity. 5S comes from 5 Japanese words that start with the letter S; Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke.  When translated to English, the words correlate to; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

The two major accomplishments when performing the 5S project on the warehouse were that racking was added and a new saw was purchased. The racking helped increase the amount of space available to be able to store more items in the warehouse.  By having more space, it has made organizing parts and other items on the racks easier.  We are now able to store them in a more efficient way and if something is needed, we can get to it much quicker.  A more efficient saw was also purchased and was able to replace two existing saws, which helped create more space as well.

At Chapter 2 we are always trying to evaluate ourselves usig these lean principles. Please continue to watch for more updates on our upcoming 5S projects